Daniel’s Corner: Community, Sustainability, Hope

Thursday, June 1

Mental Health America of Vigo County and reTHink, Inc. came together on June 1st to introduce Daniel’s Corner to the community!

Daniel’s Corner is a community garden that represents how community can come together to promote sustainability and hope! This garden is open to any and all that would like to contribute… time, seeds, friendship. It is the hope that members of the entire community will join together to appreciate the environment and each other, all while sharing delicious produce grown with love and teamwork.



The word community can have a lot of meanings: a group of people living in the same area… a group of people with common characteristics. But perhaps in this instance, the meaning of community is much stronger, more like a feeling of fellowship with others. It is so important for our community to work together in order to make big things happen, and Daniel’s Corner is just the start of big things happening in this community!


What do you think of when you hear the word sustainability? Sustainability literally means, “the ability to be maintained at a certain rate or level.” But what about sustainability in terms of a community garden? It could have many meanings, the ability to maintain the garden as a community, the ability to maintain and strengthen the community, the ability to foster and maintain valued friendships. Those who participate in the sustainability of Daniel’s Corner may receive much more than environmental sustainability!


Hope… it is what Mental Health America of Vigo County is all about, and Daniel’s Corner will help continue to achieve the goal of victory over mental illness through providing a sense of community and hope! The benefits of gardening on one’s mental health are outstanding. Psychology Today wrote an amazing article describing the positive benefits connecting gardening and mental health. MHAVC strives to provide HOPE for not only tenants of the housing program, but also all who may be suffering from mental illness!


Mental Health America of Vigo County would like to thank the following organizations for contributing to community, sustainability, and hope for all: