About Us

At Mental Health America of Vigo County, we’re dedicated to achieving victory over mental illness. We envision a just, humane and healthy society in which all people are accorded respect, dignity, and the opportunity to achieve their full potential free from stigma and prejudice. Through advocacy, education, support and services, we’re promoting mental wellness, preventing mental disorders and helping people live mentally healthier lives in Vigo County.



Raye Rauckman
Community Manager
Email: rrauckman@mhavc.org
812-232-5681 ext. 102

Myra Wilkey

Myra Wilkey
Executive Director
Email: mwilkey@mhavc.org
812-232-5681 ext. 105


Theresa Heng
Tenant Service Manager
Email: theng@mhavc.org
812-232-5681 ext. 104


Michele Orndorff
Director of Education
Email: morndorff@mhavc.org
812-232-5681 ext. 103


Ashlee Salinetro
Director of Development
Email: asalinetro@mhavc.org
812-232-5681 ext. 109


Bob Bell
Maintenance Technician
Email: rbell@mhavc.org
812-232-5681 ext. 107


Joshua Seprodi
Lead Outreach Coordinator, Daniel’s Project
Email: jseprodi@mhavc.org


Jenni Miles
Outreach Coordinator, Daniel’s Project
Email: jmiles@mhavc.org

Joe Cannon

Joe Cannon
Joe is the MHAVC ambassador. He volunteers his weekends as a therapy pet with YOUnity House and YOUnity Village tenants. His hobbies include: jamming the copier, chasing bees and wasps in the courtyard , birdwatching from the office windows, and playing hide and seek in the hallways.